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Salem-style English CVVC — coming soon!

Japanese Reclists(日本語の録音リスト)

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I've been in the process of retooling a lot of my old tutorials for awhile now, but I got pretty busy so a lot of them are sitting incomplete. I promise more will be up soon! Unfortunately, they're English-only for the time being; it's a lot of stuff I don't know how to communicate effectively in my L2s.

Curren tutorials:

Future Topics include:

  • Base OTO creation
  • Multipitch/multiexpression creation
  • GuideBGM creation

I am additionally converting UTAU 101 into text-tutorials. Sorry if you prefered the videos; I just don't enjoy making them. Current ones will remain up until text replacements are written.

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Linguistics and UTAU Vocabulary (EN only)