☢ Reclist Customization ☢

☆ Including Additional Samples ☆

When deciding on additional samples to include, refer to my notes on the pronunciation page, specifically about phoneme distinction and when it is or isn't useful.

Additional Vowels

For the CVVC and single-vowel strings, unless there are other phontactics at play, this almost always as simple as replicating the existing string pattern:




For the VV strings, though, it can be a bit more complicated. If it is a tense vowel, the tense-tense blends will likely need to be restructured to make up for the new addition (see the VCV section of my reclist writing guide for more info). The tense-lax string pattern can also be replicated though:


If it is a lax vowel, you will need to work it into every tense-lax string, possibly splitting them if they get too long:




Additional Consonants

Any additional consonants will need to be added to every CVVC section, which may require some rearrangement:




They will also need to be added to the initial/final strings:




And be added to the existing CCs as an onset and/or recieve its own strings as a coda:






Additional Clusters

Typically, these can just be appended to the end of the existing cluster add-on strings, or they can be fit in where you feel they fit best, but this may require further reorganization. You may also choose to do rearrangement if it balances the string lengths.

☆ Reclist Organization ☆

As a general guideline, as long as all of the required samples are still included, the organization doesn't really matter. Of course, I tried to organize the reclist in a way I felt was efficient and intuitive, but it may not suit everyone's needs or preferences. You are more than welcome to write your own reclist for this method of English CVVC.

Also remember than any structural changes will mean that the base oto will no longer be compatible with your list, and you will need to edit it or make your own.

Removing or Changing String Prefixes

If you dislike the string prefixes and would rather delete or just change them, it's as simple as opening the reclist and base oto in your text editor of choice and find+replacing them away. Everything about the reclist will still operate as intended.

If you want the reclist to still be organized by string type, consider sorting the strings into subfolders within your voicebank.

Splitting Strings

I should note that I do plan to make a 4-syllable variant of S-CVVC in the future, but I'll go over how to split strings here regardless.

For continous strings with vowels, add the final vowel of the last line to the start of the new one:








For consonant blends, add the rhyme to the start of the new line:




For non-continuous strings, simply break it off wherever needed:




Organizing CVVCs by Consonant

This is actually how this reclist was structured early in development, before I realized it was generally easier to swap consonants between samples that it was vowels. That being said, I understand why someone might prefer this, so here's an example:


The first syllable of each string is duplicated at the end to ensure there is both a transitional VC and a medial CV. Initial and final consonants can also be sampled from these strings if a coda is added to the end.