☢ Terms of Use ☢ 利用規約 ☢

Last update: 11/21/2023.

These terms apply to all voicebanks and characters, even if the TOU included with a specific voicebank is out-of-date. Currently, this includes all voicebanks associated with KATSU (formerly known as Katsu Kou), TOSHIMI (formerly known as Toshiko Asami), and HIRO (formerly known as Hiro Hanako).

Credit to either my username (FelineWasteland) or alias (Salem Wasteland) must be given along with any usage of these voicebanks and / or characters.

The creator retains the right to request takedown of any content involving these voicebanks and / or characters.

By using these voicebanks or depicting these characters, you agree to these terms.

If you have any questions or are interested in commercial use, feel free to contact me.

この音源とキャラクターを使う時、作者の氏名(Salem Wasteland)かユーザー名(FelineWasteland)を表示してください。




☆ Content Permissions ☆ コンテントの許可 ☆

  • Sexually explicit (R18) content is allowed.
    • Underage sexual content is prohibited.
  • Violence and gore (R18G) are allowed.
  • Offensive, hateful, or derogatory content is prohibited.
  • Political content requires permission.
  • Religious content requires permission (imagry is fine).
  • 性的表現(R18)は可です
    • 未成年をえがかれる性的表現は禁断です
  • 暴力的表現(R18G)は可です
  • 差別的表現と憎悪表現は禁断です
  • 政治的表現は許可が要られます
  • 宗教的表現は許可が要られます(宗教的な記号が可です)。

☆ Usage of Voicebank and Associated Character ☆ 音源とキャラクターの使うこと ☆

  • Redistribution of these voicebanks in whole or in part requires permission.
  • Noncommercial use is allowed.
  • Commercial use requires permission.
  • Derivative creation is allowed.
  • Usage for training neural networks (e.g. "artificial intelligence" models) is prohibited.
  • Usage in any purpose relating to crypto currency or non-fungible tokens is prohibited.
  • 音源の再配布は許可が要られます
  • 非営利は可です
  • 商用利用は許可が要られます
  • 派生的なキャラクターの創作は可です
  • 機械学習のために使うことは禁断です
  • 仮想通貨とNFTのために使うことは禁断です

Note: All characters have flexible designs and personalities. Essentially, you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't violate these permissions. In general, I love seeing different interpretations of my characters, so feel free to have fun with them!

☆ Editing and Usage Outside of UTAU ☆ エディットとUTAUの外の使うこと ☆

  • Editing the oto.ini and .frq files is allowed.
    • Redistribution of edited files requires permission.
  • Editing the audio files is prohibited.
  • Porting these voicebanks to other software is allowed, so long as other terms are not violated (see: redistribution, editing).
  • Audio files may be used outside of UTAU in the case of music production involving the voicebank (e.g. covers and original songs), otherwise external usage is prohinited.
  • oto.iniと.frqのファイルが変化することは可です
    • 変化したファイルの再配布は許可が要られます
  • 音声のファイルが変化することは禁断です
  • 別の利用規約が侵さないのに、ほかのソフトウェアでこの音源を使うことは可です
  • この音源を使う歌のために、UTAUの外で音声のファイルを使うことは可です。もしくはUTAUの外の使うことが禁断です

☆ Usage of Official Artwork ☆

This applies only to artwork drawn by Salem Wasteland and featuring only any of these three characters. Please do not use or repost any other art featured on this website without permission from that artist, or any of my other work!

The following are allowed with credit to my username or alias:

  • Usage along with any non-commercial use of the affiliated voicebank(s)
  • Personal usage (e.g. as a profile picture or banner)
  • Reposting to other platforms
  • Minor edits (e.g. flipping, cropping, resizing, adding text, visual filters, etc.) are permitted

The following are prohibited:

  • Reposting without credit
  • Using these characters' likenesses to represent different characters / voicebanks (i.e. "faceclaiming") except in the case of song covers or original songs
  • Claiming ownership, tracing, recolouring, replicating, or any other form of art / character theft